Old car dealership building on a steep mountainside in the copper mining town of Jerome, Arizona. The vintage photo shows a wooden ramp that took cars to a basement service department. The antique car elevator holding a 1936 Plymouth was used in this building to lower cars to a sub-basement auto service level. I love the old car front and rear clips on a pole in front of the building.

The building now houses several antique dealers, a music shop, a steampunk art vendor and the town post office. After the copper mine closed down in the 1950s, the town now hangs on as a cool tourist destination.

Old car dealership in Jerome Arizona

OG-JeromeAZCarDealerVintage.jpg OG-JeromeAZCarDealerElevator.jpg OG-JeromeAZCarDealerSign.jpg

Jim "Oldgas" Potts
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