Hi all, I can not believe I am seven days late for POTM, feels like the days are just running together! That’s you for all your participation on these posts. For this POTM I am choosing to do a two very unique pumps that every collector wants to have in their collection. I am choosing to do the Wayne 40 and 40A. This post will also include the Wayne 45, 40A with sight glass, and 40A display. The Wayne Pump Company started in 1891 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Wayne grew to be one of the largest pump companies ever, producing some of the most stunning rare pumps out there. This POTM will include:

Wayne 40 (1932): Fancy, earliest, bezel with price dial.

Wayne 40A (1935): plain cabinet, simpler bezel, top, base, and visi.

Wayne 40A (1935): with lighted display panel

Wayne 40A (1935): no visi, sight glass above computer.

Wayne 45 (1932-1935): twin dispensing pump

These models used an 8” computer in 1932-1935. The Wayne 40 was the first computing pump made by Wayne in 1932. The 40 differs a lot from a 40A in that a 40 has a different top, base, bezels, visi, etc. The 40 was the the “fancy” style with the unique top and stunning bezels. The 40 bezel contains sleek light shades, inlayed designs, and a dial located above the computer. This dial indicated the price per gallon of gasoline. It is almost impossible to find these bezels in tact and complete because the cast is paper thin. That is why so many 40’s are missing the bezel. The Wayne 40A however has many different features. Although 40A’s are still very cool pumps, they are not as fancy. When we look at the Wayne 45, which is a twin dispensing pump, it has a 40 top and base, but the bezels and visi’s are 40A.

These pumps are very beautiful and on the harder side to obtain. This is my Wayne 40 that I picked up last summer off of a farm. The guy still had both bezels and they were both in perfect shape. This is one on the cleanest pumps I have ever picked up. Thank you all for your patience and sorry I am late. This POTM should be a great one! Thank you all! Enjoy!

FEF657A8-7A60-4C07-9DC2-7DAF1157D6FF.jpeg 2F38F65B-74BA-4FEF-AA74-FDABED9C40EC.jpeg 4CDBA4A2-E587-4740-B159-A52E7D4D67CB.jpeg