I know that many on here will think what I'm wanting to do here is taboo....
But if anyone reading this can get past it and willing to help with some questions please do so

I have a old farm clock face pump. Face value. There not worth much
So I decided to do something with it. Being how short they are and not appealing that way
I built a stand to mount it on to give some height
I would like to add a globe. One to give it height and two...well I like something on top
Being differant my thought was to put some type of oval topper/globe on it. And seen some conoco ones
But have no ideal how wide the leg tubes are to even fab up a mount for a round top pump.
Is there any other type of globe/topper that is not the normal round globe that would look Good?
Being this is just being done for my taste. I even had thought of taking a old alum slot wheel and welding to a alum pipe /flange. For a hot rod look..... again I know this is taboo to the gas pump gods so be gentle on me


1970 pro street cuda.
1970 cuda convertable