Now that I am moving forward with my restoration project, I am looking to find a home for some internals from my 996. Specifically I have the cylinders, exchanger, tank mount and the attached tubing. Poasibly can be swayed to sell the electric motor, but not sure i want to go that far.
I won't be using this stuff once restored and it is still in usable condition, so hate to scrap it when I know someone can use it.

The good - everything is workable and usable. Was well protected from the elements and has no real signs of rust.
The bad - cylinders have a slow leak which means the seals will need replacing (as far as I know they're either original or at least replacements which knowing the history of the pump, puts it at 40+ years old, so I'd replace them regardless!).

Located in Canada. Prefer a local pickup, but may look at shipping.

Reasonable offers!