Thanks Steve!
From the looks of things it doesn't appear to have a 90 degree connection. I havented ripped things open as of yet to confirm. But I see what you mean on finding a replacement if thats the case. I have been really considering buying a new socket and swapping what I can to make use of as much of the original as possible that way.

That's a good tip on the extension for the globe. At the moment I am not planning on a globe since the pump never had one when it was in service for my great aunt. However I am very much in love with those Shell clamshell globes, so I may yet change my mind. If I go that route, your tip would be invaluable! I did have a thought - with LEDs now and a lot of specialty bulbs being made, there isn't a raised bulb or an elongated bulb that would also work? I figure there might be something out that that has a long neck with a bunch of LEDs on it.