I think this rule needs to be done away with. Who cares if a deal has been made in any one of the forums. I think there are too many people on here who get their "panties" in a wad because they didn't get to the item first. As long as both parties (seller and buyer) are happy with the sale, then its nobody else's business. If you wanted the item and didn't get there first, better luck next time. If you don't want to sell the item, just say ITEM IS NOT FOR SALE, period. Folks need to respect that and if not dealt with accordingly. We need to remember a couple of things, 1) We only have these items for a short time and you can't carry them beyond the grave. 2) Be thankful that you have the means to afford this hobby, there are a lot of folks who would love to have some of these items but can't afford them. 3) There are always going to be underhanded deals, that is just part of life. 4) Have fun with this hobby, because that is all it is, a hobby. I have watch other hobbies (baseball cards and Hot Wheels) go from bust to boom then back to bust again.