Ever since I bought my Texaco Rest Room keys sign quite a few years ago I have been looking for an original mounting bracket for it. My long search did not provide any results so I thought to make my own. I printed up a few images of the bracket off the net and a buddy of mine provided me with the dimensions of three sides. I forgot to ask what the width of the bar was so I just guessed that it would be 1/2". With a large vise and a quite large crescent wrench I experimented with the first steel bar to figure out how far to set the wrench to make the two quarter twists and which way to turn them. After learning what not to do on that one I tried for real on the second bar. It turned out quite well for a $5 investment though the end curve should probably be a little smaller. As long as it mounts as a proper right angle and the sign hangs parallel to the wall I will be happy. I am just in the process of moving all my Texaco signs from the house to the garage loft. When that is done, hopefully this weekend, I will post some photos of the finished results. Cheers, Don.