Here is the back story on the picture. google maps shows the building still there. On December 30, 1944 W.L. Baughan and Vernon Frick joined into partnership with W.C. Burrell in his automobile business and repair shop located across N. Broad Street from the present Transylvania County Library. In November 1948 Frick sold his share to Baughan. Burrell and Baughan then incorporated the business as Goodwill Motor Company. Frick built a new building and opened a Buick dealership beside Goodwill Motors in June 1949. Frick later purchased Goodwill Motors as well. When Frick retired, due to health reasons, he sold the business to three of his employees. Goodwill Motor Company closed in 1985.

In addition to selling new cars, all three dealerships sold used cars, had service, repair and body shops, painted cars, and operated a full service filling station.

Photographs and information for this column are provided by the Rowell Bosse North Carolina Room, Transylvania County Library.