That can would hold 5 gallons of petroleum product. It would usually sit on the side or in the back of a tank wagon that held various bulk products. It could just travel in a wagon or a pickup. It might hold a specialty fuel or oil. That can is post 1900. Early cans had no ribs/flutes, next were horizontal ribs. Later cans had the vertical ribs. That tag indicates that it was approved for sales in those states. Inside the top of the neck should be a brass tag that says something like "5 gallons to this point", with an arrow. I would vaguely say from the teens to the 30's for a date. My research indicates that these were not painted at all. I have some that are not painted. They are soda blasted, which gives a super smooth finish compared to sandblasting. In general I believe that is a fair price for that can with the company name. Some would argue higher, some lower. It is, of course, yours to paint or not paint to your liking.