This person needs to be reported to eBay! Look at this! In image 1 you will see 2above-mediocre2 selling a fake Mountain Dew sign. The next image is the bid history of this item. Now look at the last image. Queen_pin1 is selling a similar fake Mountain Dew sign. You notice Queen_pin1 has 105 feedbacks, well if you go to the bid history of 2above-mediocre2's bid history, you sill see someone with 105 feedbacks! You will also see someone with 251 feedbacks, that user ID is 1above_mediocre1. So why is it that 1above_mediocre1 is bidding on 2above-mediocre2's item? And why is it that queen_pin1 has the same sign but is bidding on 2above-mediocre2's item?? AND DID I MENTION THEY HAVE THE SAME BACKGROUND!! I called ebay and got the Trust & Safety Department and they reported it, but I don't think 1 person calling is enough. I don't think we can get this user on the fact they are fake signs, but we can for bid manipulation! If anyone wants to try to get rid of this user here is the number for eBay: 1-866-540-3229. Provide them with these 2 item numbers: 153339159223 & 312426399543. These items end in 12 hours from now!

1.JPG 1b.JPG 3.JPG