I bought this battery stand and Royalite sign back in January of 2016. I presumed it was a Willard rack that had been repainted to Royalite colours with the sign added from a different rack. On closer inspection one could just make out the Willard name on the two vertical sides. On May 2nd construction started on my new garage so most projects were put aside. However in what little free time I had during construction I did manage to disassemble, sandblast and powder-coat the rack. Before that, tracings were made of the two Willard names. They are each slightly different in shape and size so I couldn't use just one. A couple of weeks back I finally bought some white vinyl, used the tracings to cut out the letters and applied them to the rack. It is actually quite a bit of work but the results look pretty good. It makes a neat display piece for some of my battery memorabilia.