Emailed the seller and he posted he bought from auction that stated it was original. This auction house has done many national auctions with gas and oil items.I'm taking their word for it as I have no other provenance on the item,so beyond that I cannot guarantee it. It may not have been a radiator cover. He also posted this in sell post.

Measures close to others I have. And yes everyone I've seen has been double sided,when one side got soiled just flip and its looks new again my guess as it was all about advertising. Thanks for the help just wish someone has seen another like it. I would feel a lot better about it. I just keep finding things of concern,no printers mark in border. I have three other different ones that has it. Made seller a decent offer I thought laying out my concerns and seller declined. Maybe I'm missing the boat on this one but I'm really glad he didn't accept.

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