There was a guy in Australia that sold a database program for collecting here on oldgas a few years ago. I bought one and it was a great little program that has a lot of cool features from classifying the items by company, category such as globes, pumps, cans, etc. and you can include photos of the item. I wanted to catalog my entire collection and then add items as I bought them. It even has a place for the price you paid and what the current market was when purchased and price sold for when sold. It keeps a running total of collection value as well as total cost invested. The only problem is, you have to take the time to enter each item and then remember to enter each item as you buy. I think I have about twenty items entered so far..... It’s a monumental task to enter all the info for each item and take pictures of each item. I’ve thought about actually hiring a data processing person to put everything in for me and maybe I’d be able to keep it current with buys and sells. But for me to do it all myself has become a pipe dream....GB