I am donna I am realtively new here not new to ebay but new here. This list of people selling fakes is excellent and educational.

I have a question, I am assuming some of you sell on ebay as well as buy. Is there a similar list of buyers to beware of ?

If you ever selling stereo equipment I have a list of people who tried to scam us with chargebacks, wrongful returns and swapping junk for what was really sent. I just had a guy open a case with ebay, he abused the system so bad he was ineligible for buyer protection and when I declined his return he opened a case with paypal. He managed to hold $760 of mine in limbo for almost 60 days while they both investigated fortunately I won both.

So that being said if there is a list of shady buyers I would love to know where to see it.

just wondering if there is something similar here.

BTW this site is so cool. I am learing a lot