There are many ways to restore the pump, it all depends on what you're going for, there's no correct answer, just look around at the site and you'll see many variations from beautifully restored pumps, that are works of art far beyond what any station would have done, down to the popular "rustoration" style that more accurately represents what an aged pump would've looked like, look up Matt Alvarez in the search box on the site for some awesome examples of the rustoration type of restoration, basically it's yours to do with as you please it can be tailored to whatever your budget is. I've done both and honestly prefer the rustoration, or left as found look (it's only original once), not that either direction is right or wrong, as I said it all depends on what you're looking for.
Welcome to the site, enjoy.
Also, your pump look to have a porcelain Ethyl badge on it, that is a pretty cool find as well.

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