In the last couple weeks 2 more new to the market Mobil related repros/fantasy signs have hit Ebay. It makes me wonder who's making these and where they are coming from? I don't see these coming out of India. I heard possibly Canada?

I guess it doesn't matter but this junk is without a doubt going to be the death of the market for pump plates in the future. I've seen a couple auctions now where the original signs are no longer getting the bids as I think people are getting so leery of repros the originals aren't even selling.

I keep adding these to the "Unmarked Reproductions and Fantasy Album" on the site. I sure hope it helps someone along the way taking the time to do so.

Mobilgas S-V Product.jpg S-V Aviation.jpg

Darin Sheffer
Always looking for Mobil and Marathon items I don't already have!