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I try and buy from known auction houses so I don't have to second guess if something is real. The fake porcelain signs on eBay are fractions of the price a real one would go I don't see why everyone is crying. I was watching barrett auctions this weekend signs are going 5-30k same repops on eBay go 250-1000.

David, the problem is those "same re-pops on ebay" that go for $250-1000 you are talking about are usually $25 signs.

Crying?? I actually don't even buy any signs on Ebay, I just keep the list current for other Old Gas members who do.

I think it is smart of you to buy at well known auction houses. However, some fakes slip into auctions as well. How would you feel if you went to an auction and paid $2500 for a sign you've always wanted and when you got home, three of your buddies told you it's a fake or repop made to look old? Same thing we are trying to prevent on ebay. Many, if not most of us, on this web-site want original signs for our collections.

And second there is no problem buying reproduction signs, if they are listed as such. I buy them all the time for my gas pump restorations. It is however, a scam when people buy the same $25 dollar signs and beat them up and then sell them for "a fraction of the cost" at $250.

The problem is people are being deceived (scammed). Think of it like this, I have a rock that is painted gold, but I will sell it to you for just $300 an ounce. Is that a good deal for a fraction of the cost?

I see you are new here, and I hope I'm not coming off as harsh (DB could explain it better... lol), but we are all just trying to help each other on this website.

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