I’ve decided to sell the last few items in my collection…..so for those of you who’ve been outbid at recent high dollar auctions (or expect to be at future ones), or who arrive too late at oil & gas shows to get the really good stuff…..here’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along too often. I’ll be listing them on the “for sale with prices” forum in the near future. I kept these pieces because they are super rare, in excellent or better condition, or all of the above. Included is a glass-body globe listed in the Benjamin/Henderson Gas Pump Globe CD as the only one known…..a porcelain oil cabinet globe/sign not even listed on that CD….two shield pump plates (marine & aircraft) that are in virtually perfect condition…..and a flat gallon can and a flat half-gallon can that are rarely seen anywhere in any condition.
I’ll be asking what I believe is full retail price for these pieces, so if you’re looking to flip them for profit you probably won’t be interested. However, if you want to add a very nice, rare item or two to your collection and are willing to pay to do that, then you may want to check them out. And the good news is you won’t incur any of the following costs: 1) 20-25% auction buyer’s premium, 2) 6-8% sales taxes, and 3) the costs associated with attending the many shows/auctions it would take to find these pieces elsewhere (a hard cost to quantify, but a real one none-the-less).
I looked through the online auction catalogs for the Kyle Moore auctions and the Mecum (Mike Wehrle) and Morphy auctions scheduled for this coming October, and found only one duplicate of these items (Mecum 10/22/16 Lot S187). Now, I’m not saying my pieces compare to these amazing collections……the purpose here is to point out the difficulty of finding similar pieces.


Richard Weir
Corinth, Texas