Holy moly--Is that a cow catcher in the front? What ever he hits, that bar will keep it there for sure.

I see the lion in the background--maybe a station in Hong Kong? I was 10 when we stopped by Hong Kong as part of a round the world trip. Those temples with the pagoda roofs and so many lions were one of the few things I remember about it. The one in my post is metal while the one at the gas station appears to be concrete or stone.

Hong Kong was still a British colony back then...

Or it could be a gas station in a China Town in some U.S. city.

Is the photo in a frame or holder of some kind? The info may be written on the back, but first make sure the photo is not stuck in the holder. Carefully try to peel a corner. If the photo is leaving stuff behind, stop and just enjoy it as is.

chinese lion.jpg
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