One of my pet peeves is poor packaging when I paid good cash for something I really wanted! It seems that some sellers forget that the responsibility to get the item to the buyer in the condition sold, belongs with the seller!
I had one of my best experiences ever this weekend and I thought I should highlight the efforts this seller went thru to make sure my purchase arrived safely.
I had purchased two very nice oil cans that were still full, from Ron Hart (rjhart123 on Old Gas), and when they arrived, I was anxious to give them a good hands on examination! They were shipped in a fairly large box, so I felt pretty confident that they were well insulated against damage. After cutting the outer packing tape, I was totally surprised to find that my cans were double boxed and very well insulated against rough handling. The two smaller, inner boxes, each held one can that was wrapped in protective material and again wrapped with heavy cardboard, and packed so as to not be bouncing around while transported!
Super packing job from someone that cares about what he is selling, and wants to make sure the customer gets what he paid for! Its this kind of action that sticks in my mind, and keeps me from hesitating when the seller has another item for sale! I just wanted everyone to know about the extra care that Ron took when packaging my purchase, and to publically thank him for his efforts! Thanks again RON!


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