We threw a party with Beer and Cheese curds and this is the group that showed up LOL!

Thanks for showing up guys and girls.

Please post your photo number, your real name and forum name as a reply to this topic.

A little larger numbered photo:

1 is Bob Anderson
2 is Wes Worsham's wife Tara
3 is Ryan Underthun
4 is Kevin Frith "K W Frith"
5 is Mark Smith "MARK SMITH"
6 is Evan Smith, Mark's son
7 is "Stu K." Stu Karlin

9 is "bsplichal95" - Braden Splichal

11 is "Stevo" Steve Swanson

13 is "Sign&Neons" Ron VanO
14 is Darryl Tilden "Roadrelics"
15 is Jim Sullivan
16 is John Hudson "Tankar"

18 is Wes Worsham "thermactor"
19 is "texaspelican" Paddy
20 is Jacob Timm "Bowserman"
21 is Dale Stephens "Dale Stephens"
22 is Konnor Splichal
23 is Mike Talbert "tbert1"
24 is Mike Matteson "Mike M"
25 is Keith Case

Iowa Gas Group Photo Wed Aug 5, 2015

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