Morning all. That's for sure a road trip you just made Ryan. You were close to my house when you were in Springfield. If I was home you could've stopped by and had lunch. Not surprised that you found a dog in that area as there are a ton of breeders around Springfield and southwest Mo. Not quite as many as there used to be with the law changes in Missouri of late. We used to sell a lot of kennel supplies but now the law has really restricted them. It was mostly to regulate the bad puppy mills but as laws always do, it killed a lot of the reputable businesses also with new rules that just make it nearly impossible to maintain a kennel business. Hope you got a nice Billie to replace HotRod. Been busy here in Florida the last week getting my new boat all fixed up the way I want it. Fish aren't really turned on yet but still a few to be had. Forecast here is for rain the next three or four days so I can take it a little better if the fish aren't cooperating. May have to do some junk hunting over the weekend with the dreary weather rolling in. Have a great day everybody.....GB