Old Gas Guys,

I wanted to give an update on how the Erie tops are going. Weve finished building our first batches now, went really well! Feel like we have the process down now. Scaling up from just a few prototypes was an interesting project for sure. I know the red top is on a gas pump and the buyer is happy, trying to get a picture of that pump so I can post it, plus Im really curious to see it. All the orders we have did ship out this week; really appreciate all the first buyers, thank you!

Last time I picked up materials, I purchased dye to make the following additional colors: yellow, red, green, and blue. We havent formulated recipes to use these colors, well just let those sit on the shelf until someone is interested and we are ready to make more.

Now that weve made quite a few and understand the process, weve decided to alter our pricing modestly, mainly based on the labor needed to make these is much longer than we thought. Prices now will be $350 each and shipping/packaging will be a flat rate of $20. We do have more available that can be purchased by private messaging me. We will keep a few on eBay too.



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