Discovered this pic out of Kalamazoo Mi. this morning while on my early morning coffee search.
What a great picture!! And awesome that it's in color. There is a lot going on in this picture.

The pump is incredible in the dark blue! Personally this is my favorite shade of blue for anything Sunoco. And all the porcelain ribbons and the PPP. Just looks awesome! (Should there be a base around/under this?)

To the right is the quart rack that I've only ever seen with the 1946 Mercury Made & DynaLube cans on the sign. Unfortunately the sign in this pic is completely blacked out, because this shows a later, early 50's Dynalube can in the rack. I wonder if that sign matches that can? If so, would be the first time I would have seen such a sign.

And what I believe are porcelain ribbons wrapping around the edge of the building roof line.

But the creme de la creme of this pic, from a not so often seen point of view, has got to be the Ladies sign hanging off of the corner of the building in the background. What a great pic of this piece in action.
I'm thinking these Men/Ladies only versions where used when the baths were on different sides of the building???

On another note, that guys car could sure use a good polishing!

Wow!! What a great picture!!

50's early ladies sign (2).jpg
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Steve Coppens
Always interested in Sunoco items!
Really want a Sunoco National pump ad glass!!