Yesterday I got a lead on 2 clockface pumps. First one is a Bowser Xacto Sentry 310 project pump started by someone else. It is all apart & in primer & is complete minus the skins. The second pump is a Wayne 861 that is also all apart. The Wayne is also missing the skins along with the base. Im sure both of these pumps are missing some small parts once you start putting them back together. Plus the pumps are about 4 hours away from me one way. The guy said he wanted $1500 for both pumps witch I know is a good deal but with the drive & the condition of them is it really worth it? Both of these pumps are ones I would like to have but I am totally on the fence about them. Just thought I would see what the rest of you thought about this. Thanks Brad wink

Wanted Owens Motor Oil & Mobiloil Gargoyle.
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