Graphic Robo Gas gas saver box with 8 packets of the additive inside. Cool graphics on the top of the box of a car in the 20s-30s with a robot blowing it along. The ends of the box have a picture of the robot on it. Box is in good condition with a few scuffs but no rips on it. Size of the box is 8 1/2in X 3in & about 1 1/2in thick. It does have a smell of moth balls to it. I think it is the additive packets. Still a cool early piece. $125 + shipping.

Pair of very cool radiator stop leak cans made to look like old a radiator from the 20s-30s. Solder seal has a patented date of Jan $ 1927 & Nov 8 1927. The Black & White doesnot have any date on it. They are about 4 1/2in X 3in. Both cans are still full. $80 + shipping or I will keep them.

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Wanted Owens Motor Oil & Mobiloil Gargoyle.
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