Doc, We carry a line of "retro signs" which we take to shows. They are usually in the $20.00 price range. The reason we find the need for this stuff is that the actual costs of doing fleas/shows has increased to the point that without the cheap stuff bringing in gas money, we might not be able to attend? Everyone has their opinions on this stuff but remember that at all the shows......what an item is priced is not always what is paid. The sticker shock on our "good stuff" keeps the novis from buying at most affairs. We give them an opportunity to participate in a small way. I see nothing wrong with Sears or anyother retailer pricing items for whatever they can get. If they don't sell at that price, they lower it.....kinda like we do at shows? I too have been contacted by the above mentioned "police" but until they send a check to pay the groceries, they can call someone who cares. Paul