So, I just look up a Repro Sign Company I did business with years ago. Amazing how their prices haven't surged too much was my 1st shock in a good manner of course.

For example, you could buy a 12" round metal Cadillac sign for $5 wholesale.

So afterwards, I see that Sears online is selling this company's sign at their On-line website for (get this....are you ready?)...


That's more than 5X the buying price! That was my 2nd shock in a bad manner!

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this overpricing RIP-OFF? Is Sears taking lessons from Ebay sellers? LOL!

I would buy signs for $5 and sell them for $12 or 3 for $30 (still almost doubling my money. I realize that my space for the day at the auto swap meet is only $25 and I have to sell 4-5 signs just to cover that. I know that Sears pays rent too, but 5X cost to retail prices? YIKES! eek crazy

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