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It is interesting that some people want a company to perform services like credit card processing and money transfers for free. Interesting that a seller of an item requests for the buyer to lie on the Paypal form, saying that they are not buying goods but are instead sending a gift. Trading off integrity to save an 89 cent fee? Sad.

Jim , Not sure about the integrity part. I Never suggested it until I came here and it was offered by
several buyers. I saw many ads with Paypal gift as payment. I do not ad paypal fees into the price ,
as many pay with check or money order. I do ask the buyer to pay the fee if he want's to use paypal.
It's a service paypal offers , Used by many.
I guess you're free to question my integrity , but I was just asking about the paypal system.
My mistake. Feel free to remove the post , I got my answer.
I enjoy your Forum , and no hard feelings intended.
Thanks Roy