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On that last Gilmore pic, is that an armored car? I first noticed the port hole on the side panel and thought that was unique, then it clicked that it was a gun port just below it, then I saw the one on the passenger door. The duellies are probably the other giveaway. It doesn't really stand out as being an armored car.

I'm pretty sure it is an armored car, at least that's what I've always believed.

These pics of the GILMORE Serve Yourself gas station (Gas-A-Teria) initially appeared in a Nov. 22, 1948 issue of LIFE magazine. Years ago, Google archived the issues of LIFE magazine and made them available online as well as many unseen photos.

Link to the article (pg 129-132)...


Link to the photo catalog relating to the Gilmore station...


Note that "Gilmore" gasoline was not being sold here. Gilmore was out of business in 1945. Gas and oil was supplied by The Progress Company. The two gas brands that were sold were; OLYMPIC gas and RADAR "Thermo Lube" gas.

Sell me your Gilmore Oil Co. stuff...