TheRoyalCrown, By looking at some of your posts, I know we are about the same age and both college students. I don't know how long you have been around this hobby, or the antique/collectible field. I have been around it my whole 20 years on this earth, and activly selling for the last 10. That is a drop in the bucket to many of the veteran collectors out there. If there is one thing you must learn, it is "Children are to be seen and not heard". I am not calling you or anyone a child. I refer to this saying because new collectors/novice collectors(INCLUDING MYSELF), many consider as children. They do not want someone who has only been at this a little while spouting their opinions. They worked hard to be able to voice their opinions, and they want us to do the same. Nothing was ever gained for free, but by hard work, and a good attitude much can be obtained. I hate to see any young person upset with this hobby. Once again this I am not calling anyone out. But when one of the vets voices his opposing opinion to you, just sit back, listen to it, and try and see it from his perspective. Many times you will notice they are right or at least partially right. They have had years to form an opinion and base facts supporting it. Us on the other hand have only had a few years to do so.

Brandon W. Ferguson

Brandon Ferguson
Central City, KY
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