Well, I guess I ruffled some of your feathers. Finally someone tried to ban my IP. Good try, not going to work. If you really wanted me to leave the just say it. I'm not going to leave, but you can say whatever. I guess I'll just stick to selling stuff and asking value questions since I'm not welcome anywhere else.

There's a lot of complete (censored word) on this site, far more than any other site I've seen.

I've dealt with a few of you buying or selling and you know my true colors. To those who I've made deals with, I thank you for the opportunity and hope you will continue to deal with me in the future, on this site or not.

I'd like to talk to whoever decided to pull the plug, so to speak, on me. I won't ever go away, this hobby is in my blood. After all of you pass, who is going to carry on your legacies? I for sure wont. I won't carry on the legacy of someone who wouldn't even be polite on a public forum. I can't imagine what dealing with you in public would be like. I wonder how many other people you have thrown off the boat to drown. If the site keeps up as-is everyone will be in the water.