All of these are stations that were in Antioch,or close by towns.i have been to many,although most are no longer standing.

This one I'm not sure of,but looks like a curbpump on the left


Sinclair was right in town

This one was only a block away,no longer standing

Used to be about two miles away. Again no longer standing

This last one was not a station,but a country the mid eighties it was converted into a private residence.i know,cause I put the hvac in it.the guy who remodeled it no longer owns it,but became a great friend .i still stop by and have an occasional " manhattan" with him.
Hope you enjoyed them. Ps Scott and Wayne may be interested in the globes at that Sinclair.

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Looking for gas,oil related clocks,especially neon and spinners .clock repair available. Mick