This is a 1960's-vintage sign that would have hung in the BUICK dealer's service department. I believe each mechanic who had been on duty five years or more would have received one. So, a number of these would have hung on the wall at the dealership service desk, or by the technician's work station.

In the case of good 'ol Wm. Leedy, I'm guessing he would have been a BUICK mechanic for about 25 years. Now, "since 1940" sounds like the guy was ancient, but remember the sign is likely mid-1960's vintage.

This sign measures 24" wide by 9" high, and has a nice tri-shield logo. Please look at the photos carefully, since there are a number of marks here and there...although the sign is still very displayable. It's hard to imagine that this nifty BUICK memorabilia item is now over 50 years old!

The price is NOW REDUCED BY TEN BUCKS TO $155, plus the shipping. Thanks for looking. John

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