Here are some personal attire items. I'm not sure if my grandfather ever wore any of these with the exception of the large tie clasp (middle row left) which shows plenty of scuffing on the surface. I would imagine that the stars on the pins and cuff links indicate years of service. I do not have anything with four stars, and although my grandfather worked for Husky for 16 years, he didn't have anything signifying more than 5 years.

The second photo shows one of a handful of small gold Husky logo reliefs that my grandfather had for some reason. These were applied to small items, like the gold lighter I have. Why he had a bunch of spares is a mystery. The last photo is of a small silver dog tie tack. This one is odd not only because of its style (no company name, and silver or pewter material) but also because the dog is not quite the same as on the other pieces. That may be just due to the use of a different supplier.

Tie tacks_cuff links_01.jpgDog_gold_01.jpgDog_silver_01.jpg
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