Hi. I have a question about 2 5 gallon bulk oil cans I have. Both cans are the same except one has a tag on it that says Chevron mineral spirits containing petroleum naphtha and another tag on the same can from Standard Oil to Standard Oil in my town and I think written on the back it says Southern Railroad. There was a Standard Oil Station in my town years ago.

I am wanting to empty the cans. How harmful are the mineral spirits in a 50 year old can and how can I safely dispose of it? The other can without the tag may just have oil in it. I haven't opened either can yet.

Did the bulk plants send a bulk can of mineral spirits to the gas stations every now and then for cleaning parts, clean spills, etc.?

Attached are the pics and I know my pic of the can is blurry.

Thanks for any info.

image.jpeg image.jpeg