There was a post from a few days back regarding the letters on filpruf bottle tops and the various grades of oil associated with them. I responded that gargoyle "H" grade is Aircraft grade and this has prompted a separate discussion all its own.
-Thus, the question I put forth is does anybody else out there have Gargoyle "H" grade aviation items? Does anyone know when the "h" grade was replaced by the different colors of aeroband? I personally own one tall gallon "h" grade and several issues of "The Gargoyle" dealer newsletter that portray 5 gallon "h" aircraft cans. -Surely there must be some other banners? posters? signage? or at least some info? If there are SOCONY aviation lubster signs everywhere why are there no gargoyle aviation lubster signs? Also, if there are SOCONY 1 gallon and 5 gallon aviation cans everywhere why are there only gargoyle aeroband 1 quart and 5 quarts? Why did "aviation" grade oil for mobil eventually get more selective and presumably (from what physical evidence we as collectors have to work with)was only offered in smaller quantities?