Maybe we can start a new Christmas tradition here on Oldgas. In the month of December members can post a list of elusive hard to find pump parts we are seeking to finish or enhance our gas pumps and lubesters. I'm referring to items that you have been searching for for months or years but never find. People who have the items and usually wouldn't part with them are encouraged to loosen up and stop being such a hoarder and get in the holiday spirit. LOL! Help a brother out. Merry Christmas!
1. A lubester spigot for my Bowser. Must look just like the one in the attached photo.
2. A rusty cast iron Wayne 275 top to go in place of my tall globe tower on my Wayne 276. My house does not have cathedral ceilings. Please see picture.
3. Likely not a super rare item? An original with patina, brass sunburst for my Wayne 60.
4. A banana nozzle specific to a Wayne 275/276 with the recess to hang from the two finger mount.