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Posted By: 47reo-travis Old Stain glass windows - Sun Dec 08 2013 06:20 AM
Freind of mine purchased 40 of these old stain glass widows that came out of a old church . My wife likes stain glass so I surprised her and purchased just one so far but we hopefully are building our home this spring and I thought about having a few walls framed up at the top to accept these . I can't imagine what it would cost these days to have the same ones made . Has anyone done this in their home ?

Attached picture image.jpg
Attached picture image.jpg
Posted By: oilmanpat Re: Old Stain glass windows - Sun Dec 08 2013 02:08 PM
We have 4 and I just hang them in windows.
Posted By: gaspumpdon Re: Old Stain glass windows - Sun Dec 08 2013 04:57 PM
Happy Birthday Travis, hope you have a great day!!!!!
Posted By: oldnfuelish Re: Old Stain glass windows - Sun Dec 08 2013 06:06 PM
Happy birthday Travis! Do something like pat did,as those things probably have almost no insulation value by themselves if they are single pane. Maybe windows close to the same size,and then hang them?
Posted By: 47reo-travis Re: Old Stain glass windows - Sun Dec 08 2013 07:43 PM
Thank you guys , mick your right. Single pane and would be terribly inefficient I bet . Oilpat that's a great idea , the one we have now my wife had me just hang and it really looks great , the picture I posted doesn't show the detail very well.
Posted By: Oldgas Re: Old Stain glass windows - Sun Dec 08 2013 08:33 PM
Happy birthday, Travis.

We have one hanging inside the window of our master bathroom. That way, you get energy efficiency and no maintenance, and you make the wife happy too. wink Looks great with light coming through it.
Posted By: It's for sale Re: Old Stain glass windows - Mon Dec 09 2013 12:06 AM
We have two about that size , side by side on a wall in the family room. Covers a large wall nicely.
People seem to like the look.
Posted By: carolinaskies Re: Old Stain glass windows - Mon Dec 09 2013 01:20 PM
Nice pieces. My uncle was into colored glass collecting and had similar panels fitted above doorways in his house (the old pass through panels for air flow that was typically over doors.

Average cost today would probably be in the $250 fully framed. Diamonds are not difficult work to cut for a leaded glass maker, it's the more intricate designs that are labor intensive and cost $$$. Also, rare colors cost more, purples, reds, etc.

You could make these more "efficient" by afixing a plexi-glass or real glass plate storm window. to the outer side effectively creating a air barrier. Sunlight will pass through giving you the benefits of the colored glass.
Posted By: Rabbitman Re: Old Stain glass windows - Mon Dec 09 2013 02:01 PM


I was in charge of purchasing and installing stained glass windows in our church a few years back. Since they were put inside of the existing windows we had them made to fit those openings and used narrow aluminum extrusions to make a framed lip for the stained glass to mount on. That way they looked like they were the actual window from the inside but still could be removed to get to the insulated glass original windows behind them if need be. If you build your new windows slightly larger than these pieces you could do the same thing and just frame a ledge or lip inside the casing to accept the stained glass frames. That would look more like they were actually the finished window rather than just hanging them as you could trim right to the edge of them. They would look great at the tops of other windows that width in a room with a tall ceiling.

Happy birthday yesterday, mine is today! I have a good friend who's bd is the 8th and we were born only twelve hours apart in 1954. Only one year to go for me before the big 60! ....Gary
Posted By: 47reo-travis Re: Old Stain glass windows - Mon Dec 09 2013 02:31 PM
Jim , I seen you had a birthday on the 6th ! .....Happy birthday to you as well! I never noticed a cake with candles on you or Gary's avatar . You both must have been bad! No cake for you two! ........ And Gary happy 59th birthday to you! Gary I might pick you brain on the stain glass later on In the future .Everyone had some very great information on this subject. I figured if I asked I would get plenty of suggestions and ideas . The church I attended as a kid still has the orginal stain glass windows and they are a sight to see. My current church now here in fredericktown as some beautiful ones as well . My wife has always been into stain glass , but when I found these there was never a hesitation once in my mind to purchase one as we both like antiques . Look forward to seeing you both at Colombia .. Have a wonderful Monday , And thanks everyone . Travis.
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