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Posted By: TheRoyalCrown Wood framed tin CocaCola sign w/privilege panel - Tue Mar 12 2013 03:10 AM
Dated 1938 wood framed tin coca cola sign. It has some damage but overall is in good shape. Some of the paint is slowly starting to come up in places and has been shot at from the back side. It was in a local antique mall, and I was interested in it, but the sticker price sort of shocked me. $2,300.....! I was just wondering, what would a sign of this magnitude bring either at auction or just from a seller. I know there aren't too many this large around, but still the price took me back. I was thinking it may be a $1,200 sign. What do y'all think?
Posted By: THERMOMAN Re: Wood framed tin CocaCola sign w/privilege panel - Tue Mar 12 2013 11:59 AM
More like 500....and thats generous considering they are probably hiding something behind frame.
They are counting on the "decorator" market-and dreaming very big.
So the wood frame wouldn't be original? If that's the case then it sure fooled me. I knew the sign was out of the ball park price range but was curious as to how far off. I guess I should be able to buy at least 4 of them at that price they're asking. Thanks again.
No, the wood frame it is in is not original to the sign. A wood frame would have never lasted out in the elements. I'm pretty sure it is all metal and "self-framed," meaning the outer perimeter was shaped to resemble a frame.
I first thought it was a self framed tin sign, until I touched it, definitely not metal of any kind. Thanks for the info on it.
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