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Posted By: K W FRITH Toosday all Day! - Tue Aug 11 2015 12:30 PM
Morning all! Its Toosday and the heat is supposed to start rolling in today! The lawn needs mowing, so I'm going after that little chore this morning while its still a little cooler!
The Warden and I went out fishing last night and caught a lot of fish, but they were all small ones and got released! Here's a picture of the setting sun as we left our fishing spot and headed for home!
Have a great day on me!!--KEVIN

Attached picture Fishy Sunset.jpg
Posted By: Ryan Underthun Re: Toosday all Day! - Tue Aug 11 2015 12:36 PM
Good morning gang!

Cool pic Kevin, thanks for sharing it. Any new news on the Kardashians? ha!

Busy working on cars again today. I have an air compressor to change on a Trailblazer and a bumper cover to paint on an Escape. Then I need to haul a load to the recycling plant. After that we need to get a 66 mercury prepped for paint. Plan is to paint that on Thursday.

Have a good day everybody!
Posted By: THE AMERICAN GARAGE Re: Toosday all Day! - Tue Aug 11 2015 03:27 PM
Good Afternoon!

Just passing thru after a long absence. Rainy day here and boy do we need it Badly. I go for walks out in the fields and leave a dust trail behind me. My lawn is brown and hasn't been cut in 2 weeks when the norm is once every 5-6 days. The weeds however are taking over!

At the request of Kevin Frith...this ones for you:

Posted By: Done4 Re: Toosday all Day! - Tue Aug 11 2015 04:55 PM
Good afternoon, really nice day here, not to hot. Finished up some busy work this morning, shipped a couple of parts I sold so now I'm burning some time here. Well that is what my wife says but I keep telling I have to stay on top of things, right?

Have a great day Oldgaser's.
Posted By: Rabbitman Re: Toosday all Day! - Tue Aug 11 2015 08:08 PM
Afternoon all. You can have some of our moisture Doc, I didn't think it was dry anywhere this year. Just finished up buffing my new showroom floor and taking a break before I start to move a few things back in. We got a little relief from the heat and rain today as it is very dry and cool compared to what it has been. Supposed to stay this way for a few days before ramping back up in the 90's.I got all of my yard work done for a few days so get to concentrate back on the shop for a while. Don't let the gas pump gal get you too excited Kevin.....GB
Posted By: Loyd Pierce Re: Toosday all Day! - Tue Aug 11 2015 08:59 PM
Afternoon Oldgasers, Made it through the double root canals yesterday. Denist stopped drilling and I'm ready to go in to my happy dance,till he said ok now we are going to do the other one beside it. Feels like someone kicked my in the jaw but should get better I guess.

Doctors visit early this morning ,haircut, lawn mower picked up from shop. On a roll with the things to do list. Time to wind it down a notch. Cub Cadet needs to hire me to test for weak links,as the guy at the shop said I sure could find them. LOL!

Posted By: Nicole Re: Toosday all Day! - Tue Aug 11 2015 11:29 PM

Great to hear from you...At least your weeds will now be green! LOL

Loyd at least it's all over!!!

The rest of you all keep cool out there...
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