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Posted By: 1PetroFan ROMAN ON EBAY - Tue Mar 02 2021 02:40 AM
Disassembled Roman Column on Ebay. Not mine. 265072687711
Posted By: advertologist Re: ROMAN ON EBAY - Tue Mar 02 2021 03:14 AM
.. ... cool

Posted By: Craig Osbeck Re: ROMAN ON EBAY - Tue Mar 02 2021 03:23 AM
These parts will go for a lot.
Posted By: petropumps Re: ROMAN ON EBAY - Thu Mar 04 2021 05:57 AM
That column is roached but yeah...will still probably bring a healthy chunk.
Posted By: Cold Pizza Re: ROMAN ON EBAY - Mon Mar 08 2021 10:26 PM
Sold for $7,600.00 pick up only.
Posted By: Ryan Underthun Re: ROMAN ON EBAY - Wed Mar 10 2021 06:48 PM
I was bidding on it, but after thinking about it I just have too many projects to finish up.
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