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Posted By: advertologist conoco "super" pump plate - Thu Aug 04 2016 01:06 AM
hammer down: 388. .. ... cool

Posted By: HI-OCTANE Re: conoco "super" pump plate - Thu Aug 04 2016 01:10 AM
Looks fake to me, with all his other junk he has sold another rip off artist .
Posted By: advertologist Re: conoco "super" pump plate - Thu Aug 04 2016 01:40 AM
after your response, I pulled mine down & there is enough difference too assume the one in question isn't right-
back on one in question is: black
back of orig. super is: white
lettering on one in question: different placement of letters,
letters don't appear too be bold (sloppy)
1st picture: one in question
2nd/3rd: orig. super front/back .. ... cool

Attached picture 1consup.jpg
Attached picture IMG_2295[1].JPG
Attached picture IMG_2296[1].JPG
Posted By: Scott Baselt Re: conoco "super" pump plate - Thu Aug 04 2016 02:10 AM
I was wondering if this sign was a repop or not. I bid on it but had my doubts as the lettering looked off.
Posted By: Dave Richey Re: conoco "super" pump plate - Fri Aug 05 2016 05:53 PM
S and R of the first are very close to the edges.
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