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Posted By: coopersplace A Difference in Temperatures - Wed Apr 08 2020 03:43 PM
Way back in February when there were still such things as auto swap meets I made a 700 mile round trip to a meet in southern Alberta. Stopping along the way at one antique store I was able to buy a rather rough 12" round Casite thermometer. Although it is hard to tell from the photo it was going to need some work. The metal body was damaged, there were bends in the dial face, the glass was missing and the pointer needed to be repainted. Luckily at the show I was able to buy another thermometer that became the donor for the parts that I needed. Since I knew that I had one in my collection, the plan was to rebuild it and then have it available for resale. My hobby has to help support itself. Well that plan changed when I went to compare the two to see which one was better that I would keep. I discovered that two versions existed. My best guess is that the minus 50 one was made for Canada and possibly some northern States. Since I enjoy collecting variations with some of my signs and a number of my quart cans I now of course have to keep it with my other two Casite thermometers. It is surprises like this that keep it interesting for me. Stay safe. Cheers, Don.

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Posted By: minuteman Re: A Difference in Temperatures - Wed Apr 08 2020 04:01 PM
The one in the middle maybe the oldest Coopster….You know with all the supposed global warming, they don't need to go
that cold anymore.....hahaha
Posted By: coopersplace Re: A Difference in Temperatures - Wed Apr 08 2020 04:50 PM
Minuteman, you may be right about it being the oldest. It was only -36 F. here in mid January and my truck wouldn't start for two days. I'd love to be growing coconut palm trees in the back yard but I don't think that will happen in my lifetime.
Posted By: Gasman84470 Re: A Difference in Temperatures - Wed Apr 08 2020 11:02 PM
And the truck was in the garage!? Yikes. -36F is almost shorts weather. LOL
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