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Posted By: Jolly-John 21 New Porcelain Gas Globe Light Sockets. Display? - Sat Jun 19 2021 10:40 PM
I have 21 of these high quality, porcelain lamp sockets for sale. These made in U.S.A., porcelain lamp sockets are perfect for use in building a gas pump globe display. Top quality and durable, and very easy to wire. They can easily be mounted on your gas glove shelves or the display you build. Please note there are two slightly different base styles among the 21 pieces, but they all mount and wire the same.

I'd like to sell all 21 to the same person. Let's see if that works out. The price is $5.00 each, so $105 for the entire group of 21. Shipping is extra, OR I will be happy to deliver these FREE to Iowa Gas. Thanks for looking. John

Attached picture 055 (900x675).jpg
Attached picture 058 (900x824).jpg
Are they all same height or are bulbs going to be different height. If so I can do that. figure shipping to 37122-5045 and shoot me a pm. Thanks
Hi, Loyd. Thanks for checking in. I'll measure the socket heights later this morning, and PM you with the info. John
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