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Posted By: Paul Bell PIMP your ERIE PUMP, Cut-out letters for Dome Top - Fri Dec 01 2017 05:37 PM
Been working on this quite a while now, finally have parts in my hands from a new supplier. Can't be happier with how these turned out!

These letters are CNC cut out of steel and powder coated. They mount just below the light-up top, on the bracket that the top sits in. It utilizes an existing hole in the bracket (I dont sell this bracket, its already on your pump). The letters do not attach directly to the top, they just float next to it.

I have some for sale on ebay with tops, it's under listing number 302549505083.

For folks that have already bought tops or have tops, I'll sell these separately for $45 a set (two) plus $5 shipping. I have limited stock right now, but can do a follow-up order with the supplier if necessary, take a few months at minimum. Can possibly do custom orders, lettering and color, for additional charges. Contact me to discuss. You can always paint these to any color you want too.

To refresh everyones memory on this, letters on the side of Erie tops are something that Erie advertised. I don't know exactly how they originally did this, but I'm probably pretty close.

Anybody that does buy, would appreciate it if you'd post a pic of your pump on here.

What you see in the following pictures is the configurations I have right now... color/wording

Attached picture e2.jpg
Attached picture e1.jpg
Attached picture IMG_4614.JPG
Attached picture IMG_4615.JPG
more pics...

Attached picture IMG_4618.JPG
Attached picture IMG_4620.JPG
Attached picture IMG_4623.JPG
Attached picture IMG_4625.JPG
more pics...

Attached picture IMG_4627.JPG
Attached picture IMG_4629.JPG
Looks good Paul. Glad you finally got it all worked out....GB
Posted By: Bill jr Re: PIMP your ERIE PUMP, Cut-out letters for Dome Top - Fri Dec 01 2017 07:15 PM
very nice Paul
Posted By: Jack Sim Re: PIMP your ERIE PUMP, Cut-out letters for Dome Top - Sat Dec 02 2017 08:16 AM
About 15 years ago I wrote an article for "CTO" about these tops and the letters. I have original factory literature about the pumps and included in the brochure is mention that these letters were available.

Jack Sim
Thanks guys! Jack, here's an image from the brochure, think it came from you few years back if I remember correctly?... I used this when I was working on the design.

Attached picture erie letter small.jpg
I would like a set of the motor and the ethyk to go with the tops i got from you
Posted By: 56 Nomad Re: PIMP your ERIE PUMP, Cut-out letters for Dome Top - Sun Dec 03 2017 08:58 PM
Hi Paul,
I'll take a few sets. Will send a pm with details.

If you placed a paid order already, we sent out all those orders today (Monday).

Just ran out of "MOTOR", still have some of all the others in stock. Can always place another order with the supplier but takes a while!

First pics of lettering on an actual pump. Dean, thanks for sending the photos of your pump! Very nice!

Guys, please post your pics here or send to me... love to see more.

Attached picture pat1.jpg
Attached picture pat2.jpg
Posted By: Novaman Re: PIMP your ERIE PUMP, Cut-out letters for Dome Top - Fri Dec 08 2017 02:11 PM
Thanks Paul! Great quality lettering, the icing on the cake. smile
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