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Posted By: tinman88 Unknown Texaco Sign - Fri May 13 2022 05:58 PM
Hello all, thanks for reading. Have always been interested in oil/gas advertisement and decided to take a shot on this one at a local consignment shop. It looked unique to me and the price was right. Anyway here is what i can see at a glance:
-24" diameter
-2 pieces of sheet steel spot welded together, red against white
-raised green "T"
-has delaminated looking paint that appears to once have a complete glossy coating
-blank back
-texaco letters and stars appear to be cut out with a torch as the sides are jagged

I really like it and am moving across the country soon but plan to take it with me, just looking to see if anyone has seen a piece like this before as I cant find anything similar on the net. Thank you

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Posted By: Rocadog Re: Unknown Texaco Sign - Fri May 13 2022 06:46 PM
Homemade piece - not original. But if you like it and it’s REALLY cheap…
Posted By: Jolly-John Re: Unknown Texaco Sign - Fri May 13 2022 06:57 PM
Not a surprise you haven't seen anything like this sign on the internet because it was handmade by some guy, as Rocadog mentioned. Just imagine....you have a one-of-a-kind TEXACO fantasy sign! John
Posted By: advertologist Re: Unknown Texaco Sign - Sat May 14 2022 10:07 PM
Originally Posted by tinman88
I really like it and am moving across the country soon but plan to take it with me ..

.. ... cool

Posted By: keithia Re: Unknown Texaco Sign - Sun May 15 2022 02:49 AM
Posted By: DWSheffer Re: Unknown Texaco Sign - Sun May 15 2022 12:27 PM
I guess when you find out it's somebody's after school project and not worth anything it's no longer worth making the trip, haha!!

This is the biggest reason I rarely participate in this section of the forum. About the only time I offer any help is for established members.....
Posted By: lbnaz Re: Unknown Texaco Sign - Wed May 18 2022 11:54 PM
Hello, just curious. What makes a someone qualify as an established member? Why wouldn't you be willing to help someone establish a price for something regardless the condition, authenticity, or where they got the item. I'm sure everyone here has bought something from someone labeled as a picker or a trader. Isn't that where most of us have bought the things we collect or items we have come across. This site should be a source of of info, help, and knowledge to others regardless of there established membership status so they can pass the item on to those or others that seriously collect the items. I have also posted items here for sale, wanted, and for value. A few folks respond but for most part its a cold shoulder since I'm labeled as a picker. There have been a few that help out with articles and info which is greatly appreciated. Just my two cents worth. Larry
Posted By: Rocadog Re: Unknown Texaco Sign - Thu May 19 2022 12:43 AM
Larry - my original response had nothing to do with the fact that, as you say “ I’m labeled as a picker”. In your post, you asked if anyone has seen a sign like this (and you already knew the asking price) so I was going off of the body of your post which did not ask for an opinion on price. My bad for not paying attention to the title of the forum - I get in the habit of selecting “active forums” as I suspect a lot of members do and just read the post.

That said, I wouldn’t pay more than $25 for that piece.

Even more bad on my part as my reply was me wrongly thinking you were the OP for the sign!
Posted By: lbnaz Re: Unknown Texaco Sign - Thu May 19 2022 12:34 PM
Hello, no you are good at least it was a response. My main reason for the post was to see what the member above my post met by the "established member" statement. Thanks, Larry
Posted By: DWSheffer Re: Unknown Texaco Sign - Thu May 19 2022 06:01 PM
Larry, I don't have time to write a huge response as to what MY feelings are on who is an "established member" on the forum. First off though, I don't care if you or anyone else is a picker, that has nothing to do with my statement above and it seems to be what you are basing your response on. Again these are my personal thoughts/feelings as to who an "established member" is, but mainly it's someone who actually contributes to this forum in many of the ways you mention above, beyond only asking what something is worth. Since this hobby has become as big as it is, the forum has had a fair share of new "members" that are only here for one thing, values. Most of the veterans or anyone who has been on here long enough are quickly able to figure these people out, and then they complain that no one is answering their repeated *value* questions anymore and they disappear. They have no interest in contributing to this forum, just in getting free appraisals. As I've stated, I generally avoid the value section of the forum for this reason, and for the fact that I'm well out of the loop on values anymore as I don't actively attend auctions or shows. I am a collector interested in the historical aspect of these items, not the value, and that again is a personal thing. I have absolutely no problem sharing my knowledge with someone who I personally feel is in the hobby for the right reasons, at least in my eyes. And that again, there's a trend here, is a personal choice I will make based on what I've seen on here from a particular member. Lets all see how much tinman88 contributes in the future on Old Gas and hopefully I'll be proven wrong.
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