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Posted By: toplescuda Building a pump - Mon Feb 21 2022 09:48 PM
I know that many on here will think what I'm wanting to do here is taboo....
But if anyone reading this can get past it and willing to help with some questions please do so

I have a old farm clock face pump. Face value. There not worth much
So I decided to do something with it. Being how short they are and not appealing that way
I built a stand to mount it on to give some height
I would like to add a globe. One to give it height and two...well I like something on top
Being differant my thought was to put some type of oval topper/globe on it. And seen some conoco ones
But have no ideal how wide the leg tubes are to even fab up a mount for a round top pump.
Is there any other type of globe/topper that is not the normal round globe that would look Good?
Being this is just being done for my taste. I even had thought of taking a old alum slot wheel and welding to a alum pipe /flange. For a hot rod look..... again I know this is taboo to the gas pump gods so be gentle on me

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Posted By: Done4 Re: Building a pump - Tue Feb 22 2022 01:52 AM
In my opinion there are no rules. I commend you for saving a non-popular pump. I like what you are doing, keep going!
Posted By: SandPCollector Re: Building a pump - Tue Feb 22 2022 02:51 AM
I'm not a pump guy, but what the heck! You are trying to put something together similar to a "rat rod", a conglomeration of items that didn't originally come as one into a new item. If anyone says anything tell them "It's art!"! Just make something that pleases you and have some fun with it. Good luck!
Posted By: toplescuda Re: Building a pump - Tue Feb 22 2022 02:19 PM
Yeah. Guiess rat rod of pump is what this will be. But display nice for what it is
Posted By: Paul Bell Re: Building a pump - Tue Feb 22 2022 05:21 PM
Yeah cool to go for it. I've seem some that have turned out cool, others not so much! I think the biggest problem I've seen is people don't get the proportions right when making one from scratch. Then it doesn't look right no matter what.
Posted By: Ron Scobie Re: Building a pump - Tue Feb 22 2022 05:39 PM
I've sold hundreds of faces & ID's for that style pump over the years. The mini globes work well on them. They make great display pieces along side of pedal cars.
Posted By: toplescuda Re: Building a pump - Wed Feb 23 2022 12:30 AM
Ron you sold me the glass. The face and seal for this pump years ago. Not putting on till pump is painted
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