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Posted By: john deere 6430 Texaco Signs-Need help with original or repro - Wed Dec 30 2020 09:34 PM
Did Texaco make a round sign that was approx 30" to 36" with the same log as the 6' signs that have the "T" logo?
They had the red star, green T and Texaco in black across the top.
Were all Texaco signs dated at the bottom?

Attached picture texaco sign.jpg
would you please post picture of back of sign & bottom of sign where date is ? .. ... cool
that is the only picture I have or can get
I can see Made in the USA but can't see the date
Posted By: coltex Re: Texaco Signs-Need help with original or repro - Thu Dec 31 2020 03:08 AM
looks 70% repop to me with that very limited picture/shot. I don't like the green. Randy or I could tell you either way if you had a couple of more pictures
Did Texaco ever have that size(30-36 inch) produced. I could be wrong but I have never seen that size sign. Of course, I haven't seen everything that has been produced either. I'd leave it alone. Just my two cents....Dale
I have never seen that size either but I am no expert by a long shot.
I will try and get another pic but don't know if it is possible.
I think the green looks funny myself.
Originally Posted by john deere 6430
I think the green looks funny myself.

from picture provided it appears the star isn't centered too the

diameter of the sign which could be the angle of the picture

date on sign of subject appears too be 10 6 46 .. ... cool
I believe there was a foreign, double sided version made in 30" (those didn't have holes at the 12-3-6-9 o'clock position), but they weren't made in America.
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