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Posted By: pasngas Texaco Globes - Tue Aug 25 2020 01:51 AM
NOT COUNTING CAPCOLITE, Did all Texaco MILK GLASS Globes use the threaded 6" collar? or were some regular style narrow/wide body 6" base milk glass
Posted By: DWSheffer Re: Texaco Globes - Tue Aug 25 2020 03:11 PM
Since you have a lot of looks but no replies, here's my 2 cents, which is completely refundable upon request..... smile

I cannot say with any certainty that they "ALL" used the screw base bodies, but the majority of the earlier black T globes I've seen in my time in the hobby are on one. And IMO they look best on a screw body. But I've also seen them on standard base narrow bodies, as well as Gill bodies. I would assume even back in the day if a screw base globe got broken but the lenses were good they would have been put on whatever the station owner had available. I've also seen a fair share on standard bodies, mostly the later white T version lenses.
Posted By: Dale Stephens Re: Texaco Globes - Wed Aug 26 2020 12:53 PM
Gill bodies were also used and twenty years ago or something close to that, I purchased a Texaco star globe at Hershey on a banded glass wide body. The lenses were white T.....
Posted By: pasngas Re: Texaco Globes - Wed Aug 26 2020 05:41 PM
thanks for info, when you bought gill & banded were the bases threaded for metal collar
Posted By: Dale Stephens Re: Texaco Globes - Fri Aug 28 2020 12:27 AM
The banded body that I had was like the wide body glass globe. Just the flanged glass base. I'm just small in globe collecting and have only owned one gill body globe and it didn't have a metal screw base, either.
Others can probably tell you whether the gill's also had screw bases....
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